How to become a TOTAL DEFINER MEDICAL DOCTOR, expertise in the HIGH DEF LIPO technique?

“First of all, have the desire to expand their scientific knowledge and want to learn new techniques to change the landscape of liposuction turning impossible cases into an everyday reality.

Second, it is important to know the technologies, the fundamentals, advantages, and disadvantages and have some experience in the proper way to use them

Third and the most important condition is to be trained in the HIGH DEF LIPO technique, to learn not only the theory but also to obtain a true practical experience under the guidance of experts”. TOTAL DEFINER WORLDWIDE.

TOTAL DEFINER Brazil is an international training organized by Núcleo Avançado em Cirurgia Plástica, represented by Dr. Felipe Massignan in a partnership with the Colombian plastic surgeon, Dr. Alfredo Hoyos, who teaches the training. Dr. Hoyos shares his knowledge with his colleagues and that is how for several years he has trained countless plastic surgeons.

This is the list of Certified surgeons, expertises in HIGH DEF LIPO TECHNIQUE who have taken TOTAL DEFINER BRAZIL TRAINING.